About Us

In disbelief, one organisation asks: “What happened?”


Meantime, their competition asks: “How can we make it happen?”


Information is at the core of competitive advantage. To ‘make it happen’ is to have the structure, analytical capabilities and agility to disseminate business critical information to those who need it – now.


However, there’s often a gap, a break in continuity, between technology and an organisation’s strategy. This is usually most evident when the business climate shifts rapidly.


I founded DataMovers to demonstrate how Business Intelligence can bridge this ‘gap’ and still maintain corporate performance. We do this by exploiting our expertise in BI then applying it to any business model or organisation seeking profitability, efficiency and competitive advantage.


In doing so, we dramatically influence an organisation’s ability to create its future, instead of reacting to it. DataMovers makes the unknown known.


We accomplish this by adhering to our own 6-point manifesto:

  • Maximise technology investments
  • Integrate and consolidate business and analytical intelligence
  • Reduce risk of implementation projects
  • Demonstrate how to fully comprehend data and exploit
  • Ensure that BI knowledge is shared throughout the organisation
  • Empower your best people


Here’s what we see as trending in global best-practice:

  • BI strategies and road maps
  • Information Management strategies
  • Information Management maturity analyses
  • BI Competency Centres


We’d like to have a conversation with you and, more importantly, understand your capabilities. From here, we can make your strategic imperatives ‘happen’!